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Festival Preview: Incubate in Tilburg, NL, Sept. 15-21!


Today, the city of Tilburg transforms into the grounds of the annual Incubate festival, a week-longcelebration of cutting-edge culture.

With almost 300 artists performing this year, Incubate aims to exhibit several interpretations of indie culture, presenting both visual and performance arts alongside film, contemporary dance, and music, in an intimate context throughout more than 20 venues.

Incubate is truly one of our favorite festivals of the year, and we are very excited to see several Belmont artists performing this week!

Chad VanGaalen
September 15th. 21:30 - 22:30 - Paradox

Tonight, Chad VanGaalen ends his European tour in Tilburg. The Canadian illustrator, musician and animator will take you on an adventurous trip through his distinctive and admirable creativity. Many of us are already making arrangements to relocate to Chad VanGaalen’s universe, a place filled with songs, drawings, modified instruments, animations and performances–shifting forms.

Moon Duo
September 15th. 22:30 - 23:45 - Midi

The ‘70s sunlight from San Francisco shines with intoxicating might on Moon Duo, that’s formed by Erik “Ripley” Johnson of the noisy psych outfit Wooden Shjips, and Sanae Yamada. Inspired by Spaceman 3 and Silver Apples, they base their monotonous rhythms and soaring psychedelic guitars on hypnotic looping.

Ryley Walker
September 16th. 22:00 - 22:45 - Paradox

We’re very excited to see Ryley Walker, a 24-year old troubadour who explores American folk in a psyched out manner. After a few years of freaking out in the noise circuit of his home town Chicago, Walker chose to take these experimental aesthetics and melted them down into a charming psychedelic/acid folk sound. His debut album ‘All Kinds Of You’ displays his talent for writing gorgeous songs, magical finger picking and composing lush arrangements on strings and piano.

September 16th. 20:30 - 21:30 - Midi

Blouse creates sparkling yet dark and ethereal yet driving pop music which is often compared to the sound of bands like Beach House, Broadcast and Stereolab. The subcutaneous electronic sounds and dreamy female vocals lead towards some compelling sweltering indie pop music.

The Besnard Lakes
September 17th. 21:45 - 22:45 - Paradox

This four piece, centered around husband/wife Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas, pull shoegaze and dream-pop out of the body of water that is The Besnard Lakes. Songs that fluctuate between haunting and romantic, with beautiful vocal harmonies, epic swooshing violins, thundering drums and sparse guitar melodies all come from the depths of this special lake.

September 18th. 00:15 - 01:00 - Cul de Sac

Audacity crafts tunes that trade in hooks and fun amidst a rush of volume and youthful enthusiasm. This fresh-faced four-piece from Fullerton, CA shows that a combination of suburban sprawl, a little sun and surf, can make fantastic results. Their latest release Butter Knife was released via Suicide Squeeze and Burger Records, and sounds like a young band striving to make the most ebullient and jubilant noise possible.

September 19th . 02:15 - 03:00 - City Hotel - De Stadskelder

Bridget Battle’s last band might have been a high school choir, but the 21-year-old singer for Cincinnati’s Tweens is no goody two shoes. Look no further for proof than their forthcoming Self-Titled LP, the punk-tinged debut from the trash-pop trio—Battle on vocals and guitar, Peyton Copes on bass and Jerri Queen on drums—that showcases a melodic, driven and exceedingly catchy sound that’s anything but well behaved.

This Will Destroy You
September 19th. 19:30 - 21:00 - Dudok

Since 2004, This Will Destroy You has been forging some of the world’s most brutal, dynamic, and precariously visceral instrumental rock. In addition to a vigorous tour schedule, their celebrated discography and critically renowned soundtrack work for feature films and documentaries have earned them a sizable and fervent international following. Another Language, TWDY’s fourth full length LP, marks their euphonious return from a prolonged vacuous dark period that threatened to break both the band and the members themselves. Rather than be stifled by their experience TWDY were atomized and subsequently made anew, emerging with a revived energy and reinforced sense of solidarity. As a result, Another Language captures the band at its most potent, honed, and utterly powerful form yet, displaying an edified unity and graduated sense of song-writing, tonal complexity, and studio prowess.

September 20th. 23:30 - 00:15 - Cul de Sac

PINS is a all-female four-piece, combining energetic post-punk and garage rock. Their sound is intriguing, cool, exciting and a bit dark. Manchester still has it, as proven by girls like them.

September 20th. 20:30 - 21:45 - Midi

David Eugene Edwards, known as Wovenhand, gained a broad following as a gothic country/folk songwriter. His artfully crafted songs are known for being intense and spiritually-lit, with lyrics that are able to purify the blackest of souls. Check out the video below for an explicit explanation.

The Wytches
September 21st. 19:15 - 20:00 - Dudok

This summer saw the release of The Wytches’ debut-album ‘Annabel Dream Reader’. Their melancholy tinged music, both lyrically and musically, is sometimes hectic and fierce, and sometimes heavy and psychedelic. Check out their latest single ‘Burn Out the Bruise’ below.

September 21st. 21:45 - 22:30 - Cul de Sac

With only a couple of official singles in their catalogue and an own label called Dolphinarium, London-based CROWS are already making (pitch black) waves in the circuit with their gloomy take on rock ‘n roll and ominous stage presence. Sample their sinister waves below.

For more information on the week’s festivities, the entire line-up, tickets and more, visit the official Incubate website:


Hey there!

Architect, photographer, curator and blogger, Ai Weiwei is China’s most famous and politically outspoken contemporary artist.

Alan Yentob explores the story of Ai Weiwei’s life and art, and reveals how this most courageous and determined of artists continues to fight for artistic freedom of expression while living under the restrictive shadows of authoritarian rule.



Festival Preview: Haperende Mens *tonight* at Melkweg, Amsterdam!


After the very successful, critically-acclaimed Collages van een Haperende Mens (Collages of a Faltering Human) 2013 exhibition, Melkweg and Arti et Amicitiae now present Haperende Mens, a new festival that combines film, art and music under one roof.

Haperende Mens’ well-curated program features two Belmont artists, Amen Dunes and Lust For Youth, among many other stellar acts.

Amen Dunes 
Amen Dunes is Damon McMahon. Under this moniker his releases have taken a variety of forms, from spoken word and bedroom industrial music, to downer Ethiopian covers and harsh folk, to classic American ballads. At the center of its various manifestations, however, all Amen Dunes music is the exploration of the alien elemental song.

Yesterday saw the release of the intentionally disjoint images which make up Amen Dunes’ new video for ‘Splits Are Parted’, from his latest and third full-length Love, out now on Sacred Bones. Check out the video below.

Lust For Youth
Lust For Youth’s latest offering International is unrecognizable as a Lust For Youth record on first listen. Hannes Norrvide’s previous solo albums under the Lust for Youth moniker have been described as “dark, cold, atonal, tormented, lonely, and lower than lo-fi.” The approach on International has shifted dramatically. Writing as a three-piece now, Lust For Youth have entered a completely new territory. 

Check out their recently released video for “New Boys” directed by Frederik Valentin featuring Oliver Rotcshild Valentin. Copenhagen’s Lust For Youth kick off their European tour at Haperende Mens tomorrow.

Make sure to learn more about the festival’s art and film programs, hosted by Chris Oosterom, and check out the time-schedule below. 

All you need now is your ticket.



Hey there!

Here is a chronicle which follows alternative-country-turned-rock-band Wilco’s recording of their fourth album, “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” (the album was released to critical acclaim by Nonesuch Records). Initially intended to follow the collaborative process of this handful of very creative artists making a highly anticipated album, director Sam Jones soon had unexpected human drama and corporate intrigue to contend with when the band started breaking apart and their now-acclaimed new album was rejected by their label, Reprise Records.



broeder Dieleman’s new album ‘Gloria’ is out now

Today sees the release of broeder Dieleman’s new album Gloria, out via Snowstar Records!

Broeder Dieleman makes a self-willed kind of gospel in Zealandish dialect. In 2012 he released his debut-album 'Alles Is IJdelheid', which introduced him as a remarkable musician beyond the borders of his home province Zealand. His new album, ‘Gloria’, has been recorded in his living room while the kids were in school and tells the story of a quest for clarity in a confusing life. A story, which just like his debut is told in a Zealandish dialect. His lyrics sometimes have an alienating effect due tot their specific sound, but they come incredibly close to the feelings broeder Dieleman tries to capture.

Stream the album here via 3VOOR12’s Luisterpaal, or order the record here.

Gloria leaves listeners with a feeling of peace. The nine songs on the album seem utterly personal, but open enough for listeners to appreciate the beauty Dieleman sees around him. ” - Incubate Blog

"Sounds more hypnotising than ever" - Kicking the Habit

Stream the album above, and watch the new video for ‘Adriana’ that got released with the album today!

In support of his new release, broeder Dieleman will set off for a very special (sold out) tour through the Netherlands with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy this month. In November, broeder Dieleman will perform at Amsterdam’s Paradiso. Tickets for this show are available here.

11 September / Vleeshal, Middelburg
12 September / Albumpresentation, Middelburg
15 September / Kapel van Hoogelande, Middelburg*
16 September / Doopsgezinde Kerk, Utrecht*
17 September / Statenzaal, Zwolle*
18 September / Kerkje van Persingen, Nijmegen*
19 September / Noorse Kerk, Rotterdam*
20 September / Obergumer Kerk, Winsum*
21 September / Red Cinema Sessions, Amsterdam*
26 September / Grote Kerk, Goes
25 November / Paradiso, Amsterdam

* (/w Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy)

For more information on all upcoming shows for broeder Dieleman, please visit his Belmont artist page here, or visit his official website here. 

Elephant Stone launches ElephantsTone Fuzz Pedals

Elephant Stone announce the release of ElephantsTone, a limited edition fuzz pedals used on their latest album. Elephant Stone’s third full-length, The Three Poisons, their strongest and grooviest release to date, was released on Hidden Pony Records last month.

In collaboration with Elephant Stone, Montreal-based Toetags Electronics designed fuzz pedals that were used during the recordings of the The Three Poisons. Today sees the launch of the limited edition run of ElephantsTone hand-build fuzz pedals: Geetar Fuzz Mk1 and Bass Fuzz Mk1. Both are now exclusively available through the Elephant Stone’s website here.

The Geetar Fuzz Mk1 is based on the classic green Russian circuit, but with fuller mids, less compression and more sonic clarity. All these enhancements result in smooth fluid-like leads and harmonically rich crunch.


The Bass Fuzz Mk1 is a thick and heavy silicon fuzz with no loss of low-end. The added Starve feature provides a touch sensitive, gated synth-like sound.

Both pedals are hand-built one at a time and are encased within a professionally powder coated Moss Gray enclosure. Mk1 is a limited edition run of 20 pedals (10 x Geetar Fuzz, 10 x Bass Fuzz). The subsequent models will vary sonically and in design.

Montreal’s Elephant Stone will return to Europe for their second headlining tour this fall, with stops in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy!

Three dates have been added to the previously announced schedule:

29 SEP      The Hope, Brighton (UK) (w/ Strand of Oaks)
05 OCT     Sabotage Club, Lisbon (PT)
11 OCT      Amalgame Club, Yverdon-Les-Bains (CH)

For more information and details on all upcoming tour dates, please visit the band’s Belmont artist page here.


Festival Preview: Into The Great Wide Open 2014


Coming up this week is Into The Great Wide Open (5/6/7 September), an annual, intimate music festival on Vlieland, a small island on the coast of The Netherlands. Several Belmont artists will head out to the island this weekend, and we’re very excited!

If you’re heading out to Vlieland this weekend, make sure to watch the following Belmont bands make their appearance at one of the Netherlands’ most exciting festivals of the year!

Friday 5 September, 18:00 - Fortweg

Audacity crafts tunes that trade in hooks and fun amidst a rush of volume and youthful enthusiasm. This fresh-faced four-piece from Fullerton, CA shows that a combination of suburban sprawl, a little sun and surf, can make fantastic results. Their latest release Butter Knife was released via Suicide Squeeze and Burger Records, and sounds like a young band striving to make the most ebullient and jubilant noise possible.

Moon Duo

Friday 5 September, 21:00 - Fortweg

Formed in San Francisco in 2009 by Wooden Shijps guitarist Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada, Moon Duo’s first two critically acclaimed EPs, Killing Time (2009) and Escape (2010), fused the futuristic pylon hum and transistor reverb of Suicide or Silver Apples with the heat-haze fuzz of American rock ‘n’ roll to create tracks of blistering, 12-cylinder space rock. After the release of 2012’s acclaimed Circles LP, Yamada and Johnson added a drummer in advance of their European dates in summer 2013. They soon realized that this new incarnation of Moon Duo was jelling, and they decided to ask engineer Matthia Colletti to record the Italian leg of the tour.

This resulted in the recording, and recent release of ‘Live in Ravenna’ which does an incredible job of capturing the emerging sound of Moon Duo as a three-piece, live at Hana-Bi, an outdoor stage on the beach, only meter away from the Adriatic Sea. Their show at Into The Great Wide open might just create the same kind of magical dimensions, but you’ll have to find that out yourself.

Fuck Buttons
Friday 5 September, 22:30 - Fortweg

Fuck Buttons has a reputation of being one of the most arresting electronic acts in the world today, and they’re bringing their intense live show to Vlieland on Friday. Expect a clash of sonic violence in the dunes of what is a very peaceful natural environment. Read what Joris Rietbroek has to say about Fuck Buttons’ upcoming performance on the island here.

Chad VanGaalen
Saturday 6 September, 15:30 - Fortweg

For those who are open to it, Chad’s adventures in music and art illuminate a path that is more colorful, playful, and sustainable than those commonly available to us.  A path that is, most importantly, always changeable. 

Last week saw the premier of the new video for ‘Monster’, from Chad VanGaalen’s latest LP, Shrink Dust, released via Sub Pop Records. Take a look into Chad’s world below.

Saturday September, 17:15 - Kerk

Since 2010, Montreal’s Spencer Krug has used Moonface as a venue for home-recorded instrumental and conceptual experimentation. On Julia with Blue Jeans On, (Jagjaguwar, 2013), the fourth Moonface release, he brings a degree of intimacy and self-reflection unlike anything Krug has produced to date. His performance this weekend, in the intimate old church on the east-side of the island, will definitely be a memorable one.

Lonnie Holley
Sunday 7 September, 13:00 - Bospodium

A unique opportunity to see Lonnie Holley will arise on Sunday at the Bospodium, promised to be a intrusive setting for Holley’s music and lyrics, which are improvised on the spot and morph and evolve with every event, concert, and recording.

The layers of sound in Holley’s music are the result of decades of evolving experimentation. Just Before Music features Holley’s first studio recordings made in 2010 and 2011, and in 2013. Dust-to-Digital released Keeping A Record Of It, Holley’s second full-length album.

Below, enjoy Holley’s ‘From the Other Side of the Pulpit,’ featuring Bradford Cox (Deerhunter) and Cole Alexander (Black Lips).

Read more about Lonnie Holley.


Into The Great Wide Open is *SOLD OUT*. Take a look at Into The Great Wide Open’s line-up and schedule here. For all upcoming tour dates of the artist above, please click here.